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canon new f-1, 1981.

When camera systems were really systems. I remember ads like these. They were like porn to me.

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Garrett Brown, the inventor of the Steadicam, talks about the nuts and bolts of The Shining's production, with plenty of behind-the-scenes insight into the Kubrick filmmaking process. “His discussions of Kubrick as a filmmaker who approached film from an almost scientific point of view are interesting and readily apparent when watching the film. A perfect example of how a commentary can really enhance your appreciation of a film.”

“I guess I wanted to be there myself because Kubrick is, let’s face it, The Man. He is the one director working who commands absolute authority over his project from conception to release print. The ultimate technologist, but more, his technology serves a larger vision which is uniquely his own. He is a filmmaker in the most pure sense of the word. I learned a great deal about the making of movies from simply being on hand for the stupefying number of discussions which sought to improve one aspect or another of the production.” —Garrett Brown

Two articles from the August 1980 issue of American Cinematographer, detailing the making of Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece. The first article consists of an interview with cinematographer John Alcott, while the second article — The Steadicam and The Shining — looks in detail at the Steadicam, Garrett Brown’s then-brand-new stabilization rig.

In this great short documentary, Garrett Brown taks about ‘Rocky’ (and the famous ‘stairs’ shot), ‘Bound For Glory,’ and of course his revolutionary invention — the Steadicam. A must see for anyone whose passion is cinematography.

There is also an incredible interview with Garrett Brown on his experience on Brian De Palma’s masterpiece ‘Blow Out.’

Garrett Brown likes to find problems that need inventive solutions: among them, the SteadiCam, SkyCam, and other unique cameras that have transformed our perspective on filmmaking. At the EG4 (2010) Conference.

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Eric Meola

“Photographers get distracted by color. They shoot in color, and therefore, it’s a color photograph. But I think I realized back then that ‘Coca Kid’ was my first image about color, and that’s what was important about that image to my career.”


Aldous Huxley on drugs and democracy 



henri cartier-bresson

- with his M3. I never realised he shot with M series cameras. I always associate him with earlier Barnack Leicas


Here is a little lovely freebie from our friend Cory McAbee. 
He writes”Here is Crazy and Thief. Please enjoy it as a gift, free of charge. If you like this film, then I made it for you. If you know someone else who might enjoy it, send them the link, because I made it for them, too.

It’s a sweet film - enjoy!


New York Americana group The Lone Bellow play their first London gig at The Borderline on 11 March 2014.

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Breton, supported by DEMS, play Village Underground, Shoreditch on 5 March 2014.

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